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The Common Paper Committee

Our standard agreements are created by a committee of dozens of attorneys representing technology vendors, procurement teams, boutique firms, and Big Law.

Meet the Committee

A streamlined structure for commercial contracts

Common Paper agreements have two parts:

The Cover Page

Contains the variables that allow you to customize an agreement to suit your specific needs. All negotiations happen in the Cover Page.

The Standard Terms

The static structure that creates reliability. Standard Terms are identical for everyone.


Standards make contracting easier for everyone

Our standard agreements are drafted to start each negotiation on fair and reasonable terms for both sides. Because the Standard Terms never change, both vendors and buyers can review them once and rely on them over and over.

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Common Paper agreements are free to use and modify under the
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Standard contracts get results

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63% of contracts signed within 24 hours

47% reduction in counterparty paper