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Contracting built for startups

Common Paper is a contracting platform built on the standard agreements you need to grow your software business. A single workflow from drafting to signature: sales agreements, non-disclosure, compliance, and more.

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Simple setup forms and pre-filled defaults make it easy

Send agreements in minutes

No need to start from scratch: Standard Terms give you the jumpstart you need to get up and running quickly. Customizing is easy with simple setup forms and pre-set defaults.

Set up your first agreement

Something missing? For sample clauses you can add or use as inspiration, visit the Language Library.

Agreement flowing through negotiation into signing

Integrated negotiation and signing

Contract proposal, negotiation, and signature collection are all handled in one workflow—without needing to fall back to emails and redlined Word docs.

(But if you need it, we support that too!)

Agreement event log and notification emails

Keep everything on track

Close deals faster by setting up automated reminders, offer deadlines, and reassigning agreements mid-flight. We notify the right people when it's their turn to act. And our detailed agreement history tracks each status change and event, so you’ll know when to reach back out and move the deal along.

Get updates over email and Slack to stay on top of things.

Easy interfact for renewing agreements and collecting payment info

Manage payments and renewals

Signing an agreement is just the beginning. Accelerate your collections by automatically billing and collecting payment via ACH, credit card, and more right after signing, all powered by an integration with Stripe. Quickly issue renewals and upsells based on previously agreed-to terms.

Detailed filtering and exporting by agreement type and terms

Filter and export structured data

Automatically track every term in each agreement you sign. No tagging or manual review required. Filter, search, and export to answer diligence questions, ensure compliance, and update your default positions.

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  • Self serve contract workflow
  • Propose, negotiate, and sign
  • Structured data on contract terms
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited NDAs
  • Unlimited Terms of Service
  • Up to 5 contracted customers
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  • Everything in Free, plus:
  • Managed renewals and upsells
  • Priority support
  • Pricing that scales based on your customers
Up to 10 contracted customers


  • Everything in Standard, plus:
  • SSO with Okta, Active Directory,
    or SAML
  • Salesforce & Slack integration
  • Store contracts in Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, or OneDrive
  • Audit logs
  • Sign with your esignature tool
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Features to support your full contract workflow:





Contract workflow
Preloaded standard agreements
Self serve contract creation from custom templates
Integrated agreement negotiation
Integrated eSignature
Use your own eSignature tool
Agreement branding
Bill customers automatically
Download PDF and DOCX versions of agreements
Send PDF and DOCX agreements for signature
Full agreement history
Audit logs
Export structured contract data
Managed renewals and upsells
Agreement storage
Store contracts in Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, or OneDrive
Signing agreements
Sign NDAs
Generate Terms of Service
Sign all other standard agreements
Up to 5
contracted customers
Pricing scales with
your customers
Sign non-standard agreements
Up to 5/mo
Up to 10/mo
Team and organization
Standard and admin user roles
Number of users
Google, Okta, Active
Directory, or SAML
Priority support
Support for subsidiaries
Salesforce and Slack integration
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