Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

Substance over semantics: Do business faster and reduce risk with the Common Paper Standard Mutual NDA.

A higher standard

Common Paper agreements help you get on the same page, faster.

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Industry-standard terms

Written by a committee of experienced attorneys to make negotiations simple and streamlined.

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No more endless pages of redlines. Key agreement terms live on a single, easy to adjust Cover Page.

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Most companies don’t need a bespoke NDA. We cover the most common terms while allowing for your customization.

Using this agreement

Common Paper agreements consist of a signed Cover Page and Standard Terms that are hosted online and incorporated by reference. Creating and executing an agreement is easy:

Fill out your Cover Page

This one-page document helps both parties define important agreement details. Just replace bracketed text with your agreed-upon terms and complete the signature block.

Send for signature

Once both parties have agreed on the terms, send the Cover Page for signature using your preferred method.

About the Common Paper Mutual NDA

How was this agreement created?

The Common Paper Mutual NDA was created by a committee of dozens of attorneys representing technology vendors, procurement teams, boutique firms, and Big Law.

I see this agreement is hosted online. Does that mean it will change?

Version 1 of this agreement will remain unchanged and hosted at Over time, we will create new versions to accommodate changes to the law and additional use cases. We expect future changes to occur infrequently, and they will be posted as a new version. However, any new versions will not change agreements that incorporate prior versions.

How do I use this agreement?

To execute an agreement using the Common Paper NDA, first download a copy of the Cover Page in your preferred format. Then finalize the terms of the agreement with your counterparty and input those terms into the corresponding bracketed section of the Cover Page. Finally, sign your Cover Page with your counterparty via the signing process of your choice. The Cover Page incorporates the Standard Terms by reference, completing the executed agreement.

Do I have to incorporate the Standard Terms by reference?

You can also download the two-page version of the agreement here and include the Standard Terms in the agreement itself.

Can I customize the Cover Page?

Yes, you can feel free to change the Cover Page any way you like. Many companies decide to add their company branding or logo and edit some of the text. The only thing you are required to keep is the license information and link to the Standard Terms.

Can I customize the Standard Terms?

All modifications to the Standard Terms should be made by addendum on the Cover Page. Incorporating the Standard Terms by reference from the Common Paper website gives both sides assurance that all key details and modifications are explicitly called out in the Cover Page.

What license is this agreement released under?

Common Paper agreements are free to use and modify under CC BY 4.0.

Available formats

This agreement is free to use or modify under CC BY 4.0. The agreement is available in the following formats.

Configuration guide

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Standard Terms

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