Make Fees non-refundable

Design Partner Agreement

Sample langauge

Make Fees non-refundable

Add at the end of Section 2.1: “Fees are non-refundable.”

Written to work with the Common Paper standard Design Partner Agreement.

What is a Design Partner agreement?

A design partner is an early user or customer who works closely with a vendor to help develop the early versions of the product. They get early access and a discount or free use in exchange for their feedback and tolerance of bugs and missing features.

A Design Partner Agreement is a contract that specifies the relationship between the vendor and the design partner. It covers what each side can expect from the other and the commitments being made.

Common Paper offers a free Design Partner Agreement that's easy to customize with the language you need.

How do you set up a Design Partner Agreement with language on this topic in Common Paper?

Customizing a Common Paper agreement is simple. Just copy the sample launguage and paste it into the Other Changes section of your Cover Page.

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Other Changes to the Standard Terms

Additional modifications or customizations

Add at the end of Section 2.1: "Fees are non-refundable."